Dragonfly Wellness provides a warm, comfortable and relaxing sanctuary to promote recovery and whole body healing. If you are looking for an effective treatment for any kind of ADDICTION, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, PTSD, BIPOLAR DISORDER, MIGRAINES, LEARNING ENHANCEMENT, ADHD/ADD or other neurological conditions, you've come to the right place.

The Theta Chamber℠

Brain Science For A Better Life

The Theta Chamber℠ is the leading modality and crown jewel of the Theta Wellness Center. Over 20 years in the making, the technology involved in this cutting-edge piece of equipment combines the wisdom of the ancients with the technology of the future. The idea of the chamber from start to finish is to create for its user, a window into the corridors of his/her own brain that will allow for the possibility of transcendental experiences — to bring about real and lasting change.

Over 50 years of Research and Nearly 200 scientific studies...

Theta Chamber


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Medical Research & Scientific Studies

Technology backed by more than 50 years of research and nearly 200 scientific studies.

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I took my son to Dragonfly Theta Wellness in October to get help with autism. We had tried every other kind of treatment. Nothing has ever helped him to grow up. After the first week my son called me and I had my first ever adult conversation with him. Kris has gone out and got a job on his own. He now has an apartment. Kris could not look people in the eye prior to this program and now he looks at people and understands them. He had a lot of anger prior to treatment, and now his anger is gone.

Sherry H

This place has helped me in so many ways from my PTSD, to my anxiety to medications. I no longer have these awful nightmares and panic, sometimes I have the dreams but I'm watching them no longer "living" them. They also help me so much with my pain and all without dangerous medications (in fact have gotten me off quite a few and significantly lowered dosages on others). Please if u have any type of medical conditions go talk to Linda at Dragonfly Wellness first, The whole staff makes you feel like family and the environment is so positive and welcoming.

Thomas Bala

I used to have 8-10 seizures a day, depression as well as anxiety on a daily bases. Because of Linda's knowledge and the machines at Dragonfly Wellness I am now going on 2 years seizure free and 1 month depression/anxiety free! Not only that but I was on multiple medications for all of the above and am now going on 1 month medication free! I am not on anything! I have never been happier nor healthier than I am now! It's truly been a blessing and changed my life for the better. I can finally live seizure, depression and anxiety free!!!!

Felicia Gregersen

I have personally seen results from the treatment plan! I would recommend everyone to stop in to see how they can benefit from Dragonfly Wellness! Thank you to such a friendly staff for making me feel so welcome and always keeping me positive!

Ashton White

Linda and Dale are so knowledgeable about each treatment package! Thank you guys!

Weston Pearson

Migraines and PTSD brought my life almost to a virtual stand still intensifying in 2000. No Dr. or anyone had solutions. Every time a low front would move in I was in migraine agony. And it went on and on for years. PTSD started long before after Vietnam. I prayed for death a lot. A friend recommended Dragonfly. I went through the Dragonfly Theta treatment and wonderfully the migraines stopped. Just some of the peripheral symptoms remained. Auras, slight vertigo, and some tunnel vision. But, NO PAIN! I can live with that. The PTSD has diminished tremendously. I'm so grateful to the wonderful folks at Dragonfly and this wonderful treatment that has dramatically improved my quality of life. I'm also grateful for the very reasonable price that allowed me to afford this life changing treatment. Again Thank You Dragonfly and staff for helping change my life.

Brad Curtis

I love this place!! Linda has helped me so much. I used to get terrible headaches which are so much better now. She also found other underlying issues that was quickly fixed with detoxing! And they treat you like family too.

Nicole Cardona

I have struggled with addictions for the last 15 years of my life, with pretty much anything I could get my hands on. On October 1, my life was finally crashing. My wife was leaving with my kids, and my mom was finished with me. I started at Dragonfly Wellness on October 2, 2017. I went twice a day and spent time detoxing in between. I now have my life back, I no longer have the urge to use. I am happier. My family is back together and my wife says I am back to the man she fell in love with. I would never have believed all of this could happen in just 28 days.

Tyler H

I am so grateful for you and Dragonfly Wellness. You have been an answer to my 9 long year prayer. In just 28 days you have brought back my Tyler, the man that I love so very much and I will forever be grateful to you. To watch Tyler go through this experience has been amazing. His addiction to Meth is gone.

Kayla H

My name is Karen and my daughter went to Dragonfly Wellness in September. She was suffering from severe PTSD. In just a few days I saw the light come back into her eyes and she looked like she did before the trauma. She is no longer afraid of large groups of people, she can deal with stress in a timely manner and she is able to sleep better and without flashbacks. It is a return of her personality prior to the trauma. She claims that she never thought she would ever feel normal again. Thank you for giving me my daughter back.

Karen M.

My name is Darrel and I have struggled with back pain, arthritis, anxiety and depression. In September I went to the Dragonfly Theta Wellness Center for 21 days, and now my back pain of 60 + years, anxiety, depression and joint aches are gone. Every day I am finding improvement in many different ways. I feel better than I have in years. I guess I would say I feel over all, a feeling of Euphoria.

Darrel P 81

I am a wounded warrior. DragonFly Wellness helped me with PTSD, anxiety & chronic pain. I no longer depend on pain medication to cover physical & emotional trauma. I no longer suffer from awful nightmares and panic attacks. Sometimes I have the dreams, but I'm watching them instead of "living" them.

Thomas B

I have had anger issues for a long time. During treatment I could feel the difference, and 6 months later, I no longer feel the need to lose control. I'm also not feeling the need to use drugs - I am free from those cravings. I have now had the best 6 months of my life.

Craig F

My daughter Emily was a client of Dragonfly Wellness. Since her treatment we have noticed that her anger is gone. She is able to control herself. Her PTSD symptoms are gone. She says that her cravings for drugs are gone.

Rozan M

Going to Dragonfly Wellness has been a life changer . . . literally! Linda and Katie are knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and caring. Their ability to work for and with you to improve your health is second to none. I was skeptical when I went in, but it only took a short time to realize that their methods and modalities really work! What a blessing and benefit it has been to me. My only regret is that I did not find them sooner. THANK YOU!


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